Playing in bands and formations of manyfold genres and natures, being a session musician and producer for a longer time, Sloe Paul debuted with Paul Abbrecht’s Album as a solo artist in 2018 on Treibender Teppich Records. The bedroom produced record is a bag full of funky glam. A collaborative single release with Peter Muffin slides further into a charming cocktail of disco-soul, psych-wave and dream-pop all merged together in Paul’s offbeat compositions and extraordinary play of a huge variety of instruments.

With the release of his second album Sloe Paul presents twelve tracks with a wide range, from folky prog numbers to futuristic R'n'B and wavy art rock. While most of the work is done in protected solitude of homestudios or rehersal rooms there are special guests on every record and the tracks are played live by a five piece band.

For all his releases, Sloe Paul worked together with producer and mixing engineer Max Rieger.

Cover of the album Remote


2020 TTR & IE

12 Track Album | vinyl & digital

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Cover of the album Paul Abbrecht's Album

Paul Abbrecht's Album

2018 TTR

10 track album | vinyl & digital

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Cover of the album Sweaty But I Love It / Warum Können Wir Nicht Zusammen Leben

Sweaty But I Love It / Warum Können Wir Nicht Zusammen Leben

Together with Peter Muffin
2019 TTR

7" Single / digital

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Cover of the album Positive Pain

Positive Pain

Together with Veyls Mâneyr
2019 Tonberg

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A Bigger Love Than Mine

L'Amour De L'Escargot

Super Sick S/O

This Boy


Live at Klangkeller


Sloe Paul plays live as a five-piece band.
In the short time since the release of the first album they toured heavily through Germany and other European countries.

Sloe Paul live consists of:

Marius Schwingel - bass
Marcus Schreiter - guitar
Tim Bohner - drums
Marius Alsleben - guitar, vocals, keys
Paul Abbrecht - vocals, keys



Sloe Paul is the solo project of Paul Abbrecht

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